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3-Minute Read

Recently I’ve been having increasingly anxious that I feel I have been at a bottleneck in my language capabilities for quite a long time. Reflecting over my past 3 years of attempt, I feel like it would be good to put a plan into words to tell myself that it’s normal to have doubts on whether I am improving. I hope it would also serve as a reference for my readers who are considering/already learning a new language.

English Learning

Reflecting on my experiences in learning English, it really wasn’t very comparable to Japanese because my English learning was much less intensive but took place over 5+ years. Also, ultimately I began living in a place full of native speakers which simply is not true in my Japanese learning.

With that being said, I do feel like I’m not the kind of person who could put in the effort I “should” in studying grammar.

I could still vividly recall, around 3-4 years into learning English, I became quite depressed about unable to remember most grammar points I learned. As a result I was pretty much criticized daily by my teacher about being “lazy”, which I, in some ways have to agree with.

That’s bankrupt-level (score in grammar test)!

Despite me simply unable to put in effort in studying grammar, I feel like my outcome is outimately a success: I don’t feel in any way restricted by my language abilities for in past two years of life in the states.

I used to be pretty worried about my expressions when meeting with my social worker but it turned out just fine.

Same Difficulties

I feel like I am hitting the same issues with Japanese learning recently. I found myself devoting most of my time craving for vocabulary and reading material but can’t really put any energy into reviewing grammar and writing.

I even wrote myself a browser addon (with my limited JS capabilities) so I can quickly look up and save any new word I met on the Internet, proved to be very helpful! Meanwhile I feel like the last time I seriously read a language textbook was before summer break.

At least I haven’t been critized that harshly by any instructor as of now…

Resolution (?)

If it was not because of the deadnaming problem, I feel like scheduling a test would help cheer me up, but that’s probably not happening for another year.

As an alternative that does not involve testing … I feel like maybe importing local K-12 language textbooks would help me further get my grammar (and language usage smell) correct.

Turned out it was not as easy as I thought and I spend significantly more than my expected budget for this… Had to pay about the same price as the textbook it self for shipping charges, and it ended up costing around ¥3,000 per (text)book… The self-study guides were cheaper simply because there are more options.

I feel like maybe getting a textbook for native speakers could help me interpret the grammar points in another way. I am also hoping these would help me killing (pre/post)-operative time meaningfully.

I would write updates to how these turned out! (゚m゚*)プッ

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